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Maurice Fourré
Une Conquête

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450 copies.
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Raymond Callemin
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le simplet


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Un point
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Un point c'est tout

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Mis-spelling  -  by cls

The lack of education becomes widespread. Whether among the young people who take examinations or among the old folk who display it in the street.
Everybody knows that in French the noun "herbe" (grass, weed) is feminine. But it is not a reason to write its possessive "ma". Because of the hiatus, we have to write "mon". Everybody knows it...
Moreover what is below is a plant, not a weed!


ma herbe

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Lot [2]  -  by cls

Received by post today, two books which marvelously complete our lot. Offered by a generous and mysterious donor whom we deeply thank and without reserve here.
Thus, as agreed dear (and not expensive) JT Maston, you will have your engraved plate of generous donor in place promised.


Essais :

Les Lieux Roger-Henri Guerrand, Les Lieux, La Découverte, 1985.

Poésie lyrique :

L'Ile des culs-de-jatte Cami, Voyage inédit de Gulliver ou L'Ile des culs-de-jatte, Balnibarbi, 3047.
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Laughter  -  by cls

These three trees laughed*. They prove it.
For nothing...
For a trinket: because they are in front of Bagatelle**!


(In French : * ri=laughted ** bagatelle=trinket. Jokes. One more time. Sigh!)

Published on 08/07/2008 @ 17:30  - none comment - none comment - View ? Add yours ?   Preview   Print...   Top
Lot [1]  -  by cls
Our century glorifies more and more the physical health, the vigour of the muscle, the elasticity of the skin and seems to abandon a little the intellectual health and the spiritual plasticity. This small chronicle is an attempt of rebalancing the situation. It studies the possibility of improve the mind - to read - in a devolved place in its totality to the body and its hygiene, a place where it stabilizes by getting rid of superfluous solids and fluids. In a word, it is the study of the constitution of a lot, a library of toilets. The tranquillity of the place and the sat position facilitate the intellectual concentration. Nothing remains to give to the place, after the ease and the convenience, an easy access to the enrichment. One or two shelves and some well chosen books will allow it easily. We shall find, in the bibliography which follows, our choices on the matter. This bibliography proposes a very precise theme; it is not exhaustive, naturally. It evolves according to finds.

Lot of cls, july 5th, 2008

Ouvrages généralistes :

Pipi Caca Popo Jean Fleixas, Pipi Caca Popo, histoire anecdotique de la scatologie, Liber, 1996.

Études universitaires :

Cucu Caca and Cie Robert Magnon, Cucu, caca and Cie, le closet et ses à-côtés, École nationale supérieure de création industrielle, 1988.

Manuels d'histoire :

Toilettes publiques de Montparnasse John Crombie, Balade à travers les toilettes publiques de Montparnasse à la Belle Époque / A Ramble Round the Public Conveniences Situate in Montparnasse during The Belle Epoque, Kickshaws, 2004.
Un lieu de mémoire John Crombie, Un lieu de mémoire, des lieux mémorables / A Lulu a Loo, The Gladiator in the Museum, Kickshaws, 2005.
A Lulu a Loo

Guides touristiques :

Guide Porcelaine Jonathan Routh, Guide Porcelaine des Lieux de Paris, La Jeune Parque, 1967.

Bandes dessinées :

Guide du Petit Coin Tybo & Goupil, Guide indispensable du Petit Coin, Vent d'Ouest, 1994.

Biographies :

Le Pétomane Jean Nohain et François Caradec, Le Pétomane (1857-1945), sa vie, son œuvre, Jean-Jacques Pauvert, 1967.

Essais :

Les Merdophages Guy Tassigny, Les Merdophages, Ocia, 1946.
Célébration du trou Bernard Miot, Célébration du trou, Robert Morel, collection « Célébration » n° 50, sd.

Manuels pratiques :

L'Art de péter Anonyme, L'Art de péter, essai théori-physique et méthodique, Éditions du Raisin, 1929.
L'Art du contrepet Luc Étienne, L'Art du contrepet, petit traité à l'usage des Amateurs pour résoudre les Contrepèteries proposées et en inventer de nouvelles, Jean-Jacques Pauvert, 1957 / Le livre de Poche, 1971.
L'Art du contrepet

Journaux de voyage :

Diarrhée au Mexique Bienvenu Merino, Diarrhée au Mexique, Atelier du Gué, 2006.

Divertissement :

Le P'tit Livre du P'tit Coin Didier Lévy, Le P'tit Livre du P'tit Coin, Tourbillon, 2005.
Le P'tit Livre du P'tit Coin 2 Laurence Gillot, Le P'tit Livre du P'tit Coin 2, Tourbillon, 2006.

Littérature :

Gargantua François Rabelais, Gargantua, chapitre XIII, « Comment Grandgousier congneut l'esperit merveilleux de Gargantua à l'invention d'un torchecul » édition quelconque entre le 16e et le 21e siècle, ici Bibliothèque Elzévirienne, P. Jannet, 1863.
Les Soirées du Merd's Bar !! Jack Shepheard, acrobate, Les Soirées du Merd's Bar !!, Jouve, 1926.
Les Cacagons Marc Beigbeder, Les Cacagons,  Robert Morel, 1966.
Evguénie Sokolov Serge Gainsbourg, Evguénie Sokolov, Gallimard, 1980.
La Dame qui aimait les toilettes propres J.P. Donleavy, La Dame qui aimait les toilettes propres, Calmann-Lévy, 1998.

We not find, regrettably, in this bibliography, at the chapter Religion, the book The Gospel according to saint Luc-à-rebours, one of master piece of the great scatologue Ralph Messac's library. We were never able to get ourselves no edition.


Published on 05/07/2008 @ 13:07  - 11 comments - 11 comments - View ? Add yours ?   Preview   Print...   Top
Good Taste  -  by cls

carton de réexpédition

Among the pleasures and the cross (the two sides of the same coin) of the publisher we find the reception of not sought manuscripts by mail way (now - technological progress obliges - they also arrive by e-mail).
Everybody knows that, in the matter, the worst mostly border on... the worst. Exceeded, the publisher is transformed into an old grumbling bear. Then he reacts as a consequence and sends back the incriminated manuscripts with a sybillin cardboard in place of report, like that of Deleatur: "Pierre Laurendeau loathes the poetry!" (Printed by myself for his friend and colleague) or, with a good consummate taste, like that one we find above for the Éditions du Fourneau.
Self-criticism: the typography of this cardboard is more than questionable but its documentary interest (and history) is evident.


Published on 02/07/2008 @ 19:10  - none comment - none comment - View ? Add yours ?   Preview   Print...   Top

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